Monster Munch UK Advert from 1986

Three Monster Munch bags, red (Flamin' Hot), yellow (Roast Beef), purple (Pickled Onion)

I haven't eaten a packet of Monster Munch since I was a kid back in the 80s, but you may be very pleased to discover that they are still available to buy, and two of the original flavours have survived, proving that the original, old flavours are always the best - all of these new-fangled flavours rarely last for very long!

If you grew-up in the 80s, then it's highly likely you'll remember the 1986 advert featured further down this post. These days I rarely watch the TV channels as they're broadcasting, as I record anything I need to watch so I can watch it at a more convenient time and also skip through the terrible, woke PC ads we are bombarded with these days.

Back in the day, many of us used to sit through the ads, and they were actually quite entertaining, and this ad for Monster Munch was certainly one of them.

In this spooky ad, one of the monsters has dared his friends to spend the night with him in Haunted Wood. They've got some Monster Munch to keep them going, which is described by the narrator as "the only snack big enough to see them through the night ahead". Actually, I do remember that the monster-shaped snacks were pretty big.

Anyway, the monsters are looking pretty freaked out by a white ghost, but it turns out to be the monster who invited his friends wearing a costume, which is basically a white sheet with two holes cut out of it for the eyes. This is pretty much the same as the costumes I used to create for Halloween. 

However, then all of the cowardly monsters are spooked by a real ghost at the end of the ad!

Monster Munch were launched by Smiths in 1977, and the company was bought out by Walkers in 1995. The first flavour made available was beef, followed by Pickled Onion in 1978, which was my favourite. A Saucy flavour was introduced in 1981. Sizzling Bacon was introduced around 1984, and then in 1986, Cheese & Onion, Giant Prawn and Salt & Vinegar became available, which I don't remember at all, but I had probably stopped eating them by then as I was a cool teenager (well, trying to be cool but never quite succeeded!), who didn't want to be seen eating young kids snacks!

The paw-shaped snack is still used today, although it is slightly smaller - surprise, surprise! The circular-shaped snack which was based on the pink monster is no longer produced.

A range of drinks called Monster Fizz (yes, really!) was also launched in the 80s, but this line never caught on and was short-lived. There was also a line of plush puppet toys.

The slogan used by Smiths in 1981 was "The biggest snack pennies can buy". By 1986, it had been altered to "Pennies can't buy a bigger snack" - just jumble the words around, why don't you?

In 2022, the flavours available are roast beef, picked onion and flamin' hot. There is also a "Giants" variety available. The text logo used on the bag looks virtually the same as it was back in the 80s, although the green "Monster" text is a little smoother.

KP Crisps Jaws Advert from 1977

Old Food Snacks from the 80s

Grey and Yellow Monster on a round Pin Badge
Original Monster Munch pin badge from the 1980s

a scattering of paw-shaped Monster Munch snacks (pickled onion flavour)

Monster Munch monsters with slogan "The Biggest Snack Pennies Can Buy"
This ad is from 1981