Tesco Checkout 1982 UK TV Advert

Till with neon red checkout sign above

This Tesco Checkout UK TV advert from 1982 features a range of reduced-price products, and it's just about as eighties as you can get! It features a neon sign for starters, and also a dramatic voiceover that sounds like it's advertising a Terminator movie, and a dodgy synth backing track that sounds like it was created on a Casiotone by a chimpanzee on acid. 

What also makes this ad unmistakably 80s, though, are the prices of the products and the use of the halfpenny in the pricing - these were not withdrawn from circulation until 1984.

You'll note that the first product is a pound (in weight) of Birds Eye Peas, which was before we were forced to convert to kilograms. Even in 2022, I do still miss the old school weights and measures, but I am stuck in the 80s, I guess!

Next up is a pack of six Penguin biscuits, which can still be bought today, of course, although for considerably more than 29 and a 1/2p. They're £1.25 for a pack of 8 at Tesco today, although I suspect the size of each biscuit is considerably smaller. It's been quite a number of years since I've bought a pack - I must try them again next time I'm out shopping. 

The Walls Vanilla ice cream family brick reduced from 32p to 25p was certainly good value, and a single Cornetto was 30p at the time! However, buying individual ice creams from the corner shop or garage has always been an expensive indulgence. You can watch the classic "Just One Cornetto" advert on this blog. 

Next, we have a pack of 80 PG Tips tea bags for 59p (was 61p). As I write, these are £2.30 on the Tesco website, but believe it or not, I don't drink tea as I can't stand the stuff! Just two cups of coffee per day and water. Oh, and maybe the odd shot of rum, but not with my coffee! My Mum definitely bought this tea brand, and sometimes Typhoo. When we were really strapped for cash it would probably have been Yellow Pack tea bags from Fine Fare.

Remember St. Ivel prize yoghurts? This pot is reduced from 14p to 12p. Yoghurt was actually considered exotic and healthy at the time, and we didn't view it as the sugar-laden product it really is. You may also remember The Prize Guys TV adverts.

A pack of 8 Tesco Pork and Beef sausages is reduced from 70p to 59p. I've actually never had pork and beef, only pork, pork and apple, Cumberland and Lincolnshire. I really should try pork and beef, shouldn't I? 

Finally, we have a Pedigree Chum Giant can reduced from 51p to 49 and a 1/2p. I'm pretty sure my Mum would have considered this to be expensive, and she never bought the premium brand dog foods as finances were pretty tight for us back in the 1980s.

Well, that was interesting to see all those products and prices, I hope you'll agree. You may also like this Morrisons Christmas Advert from 1979

Tub of Prize Yoghurt with 12p price and Tesco logo

Pack of 6 Penguin biscuits (price 29 and 1/2p) with Tesco logo