Danny Dyer in 1994 Coca Cola Advert

Coca Cola bottles close-up in ice

So this advert for Coca Cola is from 1994, and it features a very young Danny Dyer in his early acting career, complete with a floppy 90s hair style. I'm not entirely sure of his exact age but he looks about 14/15 years old. Is it me or does his voice sound even deeper here? Creepy!

Two lads walk into the kitchen and open the fridge door to reveal a large bottle of cheap, unbranded Cola. Now when Danny cries "Oh no, Mum's at it again!", it reminds me of the exact same thoughts I had back in the day when I saw a bottle of crap cola in the fridge - how my face dropped!. I guess you can't blame her for wanting to try and save a few pennies, and money was tight back then. But did it have to be the cola?

Whether it was Rola Cola or Panda Cola, it always seemed to taste so flat to me. I remember in the 70s visiting a local shop that used to sell every type of Panda pops. I think it used to be around 10p for a small bottle. I used to visit it regularly with a friend and we bought it to quench our thirst after biking around the town. Problem is, with such a high sugar content it actually made you feel more thirsty. We only bought it because we had limited pocket money, I guess!

I haven't consumed any cola brand for at least 15 years. In fact, I haven't touched any fizzy drink in a long time. My teeth just can't deal with it any more, and at 54 years of age, it's an ongoing battle keeping your weight down, let me tell you!

So back to the ad, and it's revealed that it "looks like Coke" and "sounds like Coke" but "tastes like chicken" Did Danny really use that old cliche? Good Lord!

I do actually remember this advert and it definitely did make me think twice about buying a cheap brand, but I also liked the rival brand Pepsi, and my choice was entirely down to which was cheaper in the supermarket on a given day. 

You may certainly remember the Cold War, but there was also cola wars which started in the 1970s and went on into the 1980s between Coca Cola and Pepsi Co, and you may remember the Pepsi taste challenge ads in which people were asked to do a blind taste of both brands.

So which is your favourite? I honestly couldn't taste much difference between them. 

Coca Cola Christmas Advert from 1996

Tango Orange man Advert from 1992

Coca Cola bottle close-up with slogan

Danny Dyer opening cola bottle
It's Danny Dyer but with floppy 90s hair