Andrex Puppy Toilet Tissue Advert 1988

Labrador puppy biting peach-coloured toilet roll

Today's advert is just one of many to feature the much-loved Andrex puppy, and this one is narrated by the legendary DJ and journalist John Peel, who sadly died on October 25th 2004.

The advert first aired in 1988, and it features a very cute Labrador puppy, who picks up the end of a peach-coloured toilet roll, which is wrapped around a much larger Bearded Collie - I adore his glorious, grey shaggy coat. These are actually two of my favourite breeds of dog, along with the German Shepherd. I do like larger dogs, which are, more often than not, friendlier than the smaller breeds. 

John Peel narrates; "Suppose we were to tell you that someone else made a toilet roll, that was even softer than Andrex...even longer lasting than Andrex... and even bigger than Andrex. Would you believe us? Of course not! It's just a shaggy dog story."

The slogan for this as is "Soft. Strong. Long. And Lots." I also remember the slogan "Soft, strong and very long" being used back in the day. 

Why is it called Andrex?

The name is derived from the fact that the toilet rolls are produced at the St. Andrew's Mill in Walthamstow, London.

In 2017, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary.

How many puppies have been used in the Andrex adverts?

It sounds unbelievable, but 120 puppies have been used in 120 different adverts for Andrex!

2022 marks the 50th birthday of the iconic Labrador Retriever puppy, although the original pup from 1972 is no longer with us, of course!

Labrador puppy and bearded collie touching noses while sitting in toilet tissue

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