Twix Chocolate Bar UK Advert from 1976

Twix The Longer Lasting Snack

It's hard to believe that this ad is 45 years old, and that Twix is still as popular as ever! It's actually been quite a while since I last had a Twix, so I will definitely be adding at least one to my basket the next time I'm in my local supermarket.

This advert was first shown in 1976, the year of the infamous long, hot summer and drought here in the UK. It starts with a group of four men stood at a bus stop. Note the 70s fashion here - flared trousers (also known as bell bottoms) and big collared shirts which I remember wearing myself! 

The advert uses the premise that other snacks are gone too quickly; "snap and they're gone". I actually remember that sound used when they bite the chocolate bars in half - after all these years that completely superficial memory was still in my brain!

The narrator explains that "Twix gives you more to bite into". Now that's the thing I like about Twix, you get two bars. This was always handy at school as you could have half in the morning and then half at lunchtime. I like the texture and taste of the caramel and biscuit covered in milk chocolate.

The guy at the back of the queue doesn't have one of the other snacks that the other three guys bite into. Instead, he is the cool one with a Twix, and he shares it with his beautiful, blonde girlfriend on the bus, while the other guys look at him with jealous eyes. 

The ad kind of gives you the impression that eating a Twix will most definitely attract the ladies, and that you too will have a blonde girlfriend the moment you get it out of your pocket, although I'm not sure it's the size of your chocolate bar they're concerned with! In my experience, it's not what you're thinking, either (you dirty devil!), it's your wallet!

Man eating a Twix at a Bus Stop in the 70s