KP Discos UK TV Advert 1979

Ready Salted and Cheese and Onion KP Discos

KP Discos are still available to buy, but back in the 70s they weren't around, not until 1979 that is. Now I originally uploaded this ad to Youtube labelled as 1976. But after reading on the KP Snacks website they they didn't launch until 1979, I altered it. The original uploader had obviously got his years mixed up.

In 1979, Disco music was at its peak, and so this was the perfect time to launch the brand. The crisps are also disc-shaped, so this was the perfect name, too! I also remember Smith's launching square crisps and Crispy Tubes in the 80s, so there was definitely a trend for launching different shaped novelty crisps.

KP Discos came with the slogan "The new kind of crisps". The launch advert features a group of dancers dressed as the snack and singing "We're Discos, we're Discos, we're KP Discos and we taste as different as we look, look, look!". They launched with just two flavours; Ready Salted and Cheese and Onion". You can also buy Prawn Cocktail today, but I'm unsure of when these hit the shelves.

In amongst the dancers is a guy dressed in a repugnent brown suit - I remember that these were popular with eccentric TV science presenters in the 70s. He is asking himself "What can be new about crisps?". After the dancers sing their song, he has the answer "Oh, I see, singing crisps, yes, that is new!".

Now, I can't really remember the taste and texture of this snack, although they look very light and crisp. I must remember to try these again the next time I'm in my local supermarket! To think, an ad created over 40 years ago has convinced me to try them!

Ready Salted KP Discos Crisps Advert 70s