Bounty Chocolate UK TV Advert 1978

Milk and Dark Bounty Bars with The Taste Of Paradise slogan

I'm a big fan of Bounty chocolate bars, but it's very difficult to find the dark one (with the red wrapper) these days, although I have discovered that B&M stores sell it, much to my delight. Indeed, I am often in there stocking up on hard to find chocolate bars, including Fry's Raspberry Cream. They also stocked the limited edition Strawberry Cream, too, although I wasn't a fan of the limited edition lemon Turkish Delight, which tasted like washing-up liquid. I've never actually tried washing-up liquid, of course, but I can imagine it tastes somewhat similar!

The sexy TV advert (you can view it at the bottom of this post) transports the viewer to a tropical paradise, with three very attractive divers (two females and one male) walking out of the sea, onto the hot, sandy shores of a tropical island. This is followed by a close-up view of a young lady's cleavage as she unzips her wetsuit. This seemed quite acceptable in the 1970s, of course, but there is not a chance that they would get away with that these days! 

There is one bar for each of them (two milk and one dark chocolate), and we see one female diver lying on her back enjoying the delights of the tender coconut, moist with pure syrup and lavished with thick chocolate. We also see the bare-chested male diver biting into his bar, and then smiling with pleasure, and I always remember my mum gazing adoringly at him and saying "Ooh, he's dishy" when he appeared on the TV screen - not in front of dad, please!

The slogan back then was "The taste of paradise", and the accompanying, relaxing music featured the lyrics "The bounty hunters are here, and searching for a paradise.", although I have bene unable to find out who the singer was.

The advert is clever in that it takes the British viewer to an idyllic, palm-tree filled paradise, where you can imagine the hot sunshine beating down on your back, and scrunching the warm sand between your toes. It was somewhere very far away from the depressingly cold and damp United Kingdom in the winter months, for sure!

Twix Chocolate Bar Advert from 1976

A milk chocolate bounty bar split in half to reveal the white coconut filling