Argos Catalogue TV Advert 1997

Micro Hi Fi System from the 90s

I hope you will enjoy this brief but interesting Argos TV advert from 1997 (at the bottom of this post). If there's one thing I really miss from the 90s, then it's most certainly the Argos catalogue. Browsing online just doesn't give me the same thrill, and grabbing the latest catalogue and rushing home to scan through it was something I really enjoyed. I would usually go straight to the electrical section to see all the latest tech, although in the 70s it would have been the toys section, for sure!

In recent years, the catalogue was shrinking in size until its recent demise, brought on, no doubt by the Covid pandemic and the surge in online shopping. Indeed, the last catalogue I browsed through was so small I needed my reading glasses just to see the text!

Anyway, as I have already mentioned, the advert above is rather brief, but it does give you an insight into some of the products we we buying, including personal stereos, cameras, jewellery, dining suites, Batman toys, micro systems, Shavers, CD Roms, Watches, Mobile Phones, Hair Dryers, Sofas, Baby Bouncers, Action Man toys and Barbie skating gear. 

Now, CD Roms are certainly something we don't buy anymore in the age of SD memory cards, Solid State Drives and cloud storage. I never had a PC at home at this time (I was still using an Atari ST with a floppy drive!), but I do remember loading programs from CD Rom onto the computer at work and how irritatingly slow they were back then! Nonetheless, they were far more reliable than a 3.5" floppy disk. I used CD Roms during the noughties when I bought my first PC and have fond memories of playing the 90s video games Theme Hospital and Command and Conquer Red Alert, which were available at a budget price on the Sold Out label - happy times!

Also, the micro systems were very much a 90s thing, and these days most people are streaming their music from online sites such as Spotify, Deezer and Youtube. Of course, we can now use our  smartphones to do this, but basic mobile phones can still be bought, albeit in a much smaller size than they were in 1997. I think you can buy one for around £20 from Argos these days, but it's interesting to see how chunky they were back then!

By the way, you will probably have to pause the ad many times just to see the products on offer, as the narrator speeds though them like an auctioneer at a cattle market!

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CD Roms advert in the 90s